November 27th, 2006

The Ghost of Rawk?

I'm gonna run away to Alaska

Look; just because I'm the dumbass that let us dilly-dally in the morning and then forgot about how shitty Austin traffic is and then realized that I forgot to return my Dad'd 5 wood, which lead to a twenty-five minute debacle at check-in when we realized there really wasn't a place to leave it in the airport for my brother to pick up so I guess we have to check it and take it to New York just to fucking ship it back to Texas and yeah poo blahdy poooo...

Yeah. Just because I did all of these things doesn't necessarily mean that it's my fault we missed our flight and are now chilling out in Austin-Bergstrom. If we wanted to, we could blame all sorts of deities. Like that funny one the Indians worship. What's-his-face. With the socks on his hands.

("I can't believe I'm watching a Christastrophe in the making." My wife, the weisenheimer, ladies and gentlemen.)

She is whispering in my ear. "You don't have to write everything I say. If you do I'm not saying anything else." She turns back to her Calvin and Hobbes book, at which she is laughing out loud. I love this woman. I really, really do.

She is laughing out loud and pointing at her book.

(This is no accident. This is a design by a woman who knows. She is reading, creating distraction, to keep from crying. We are in a hurry to get home to check on the little ones.)

(Every few minutes one makes her laugh so hard that she has to grab me and point to it. The tiger song. 'You're not doing the dance.')

You can, apparently, rent laptop computers at the Austin airport. And they have airport Salt Lick and Amy's Ice Cream. In case you need that one last little taste before you go back to wherever. I already had my Salt Lick. We've got another couple of hours until our flight, which is more than enough time to shove in some Mexican Vanilla from Amy's and maybe a brisket sandwich. One more Shiner. I'm not actually hungry, though, since I'm still working on that Freebird's from last night. And the pepperoni rolls from Double Dave's. I had both for dinner. Yes. Both. A king among peasants.

For the first time, though, I am not missing Austin while I sit in the airport waiting to go someplace else. I am thinking about San Antonio, about its soft features and forgiving streets. Sweet smells. The air always moving in my mothers House of Three Ceiling Fans. For the first time I am appreciating the slow, deliberate nature of life in San Antonio and not the bustle and excitement of Austin. We drove back and forth around the UT campus, me playing tour guide, and all I could think was how awful it would be to drive in this traffic when there are asshole students everywhere.

But more on this later. My brain cracked open on this trip. Have to sort it out.

It's Spring's turn with the laptop and my turn to laugh out loud at Calvin and Hobbes. We have a system. It is flawless.