christastrophe (christastrophe) wrote,

Pamie Rae Inadvertantly Writes A Great Car Chase Into Her Movie

I've got too much real work to do this morning, so if you're looking for a great way to waste time and read something awesome and fulfilling, check out the continuing adventures of Pam Ribon, Union Sparkplug.

It felt weird watching The Office yesterday.

Anyway, it's a great recap of Pam's adventurous week leading up to the strike, including the massive car accident she got into the night it was declared. God is the cheesiest screenwriter in the entire world.

Seriously, how many times has God written something like that and you're all, "God, I'm sorry, we're really gonna have to look at the end of act one. Nobody's gonna buy that Pam got into this huge car accident and that the health benefits and financial security provided by her Union job helped her through this dire time that would have crushed her years ago."

And then God gets all huffy and, "These things happen all the time. I make them so!"

And you're all, "I know, I know. Nobody here is saying you're a bad writer. It just doesn't pass the smell test, you know, God? People have a pretty high BS detector these days. It's very...this particular plot point is a little mid-90's ER. You know? I'm just saying, you can do better, and I want to challenge you to continue writing at the high level we've come to expect from you."


"OK? We cool, God?"

"We cool."

"Awesome, buddy." (Back slap.)

"Hey...did you...did you like the part where I had Brently show up and play the ukulele for everybody?"

"Are you kidding? That was my favorite part."

"Phew. That was my favorite part, too."

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